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“Super 8” Films A Masterpiece

Super 8 is the best film I have seen in years. It is exactly what a great movie should be. It does not get better than this. I started smiling in the very beginning of the film and did so through the entire film. Only a few films I have seen has done this to me. Spielberg’s own “Close Encounters” and “The Right Stuff” come to mind.

I have been interested in this film since the teaser. I am so glad they did not give away the plot in the trailer like they do on so many films these days. I was hoping it would be good because there are not a lot of original scripts being shot for summer movies by the big Hollywood Studios. Most of those films come from the Independent Studios. It is nice to see a mass market film be so good. At 50 million dollars it is one of the more frugal budgeted blockbusters and does not look it.

Are there unanswered questions about the plot, yes, but it did not take away from the wonder of this film. It succeeded on many levels. The kids were very well directed. They weren’t sassy, in your face, smarmy or ironic. They were very believable. They had real problems and found solutions. In the hand on a less competent director, this film would have gone where it did need to go. The film was very well edited in that there were no wasted scenes and the pacing was great. The special effects complemented the story and were not in the way.

Some critics were calling it a horror or monster movie but I beg to differ. It was suspenseful at times, but it was about friendship, working together, helping others, coming of age and a childlike wonder. We need more of these pictures.

I give it 5 Smiles!


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  1. I totally agree! One of the things I love about a movie is that it tells a story, sucks you in and takes you on an emotional ride. Real Good Guys and Bad Guys….

    Comment by Heidi Hansen | June 14, 2011 | Reply

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