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My Blackberry Is Not Working

This about sums it up!

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Why the future of video is the DSLR form factor

I just posted this to an article on EOS HD. It was about the form factors of HDSLR’s vs Video cameras.  I agree for the most part.

This is what I wrote:

Long Live The HDSLR. I don’t use all that extra rigs and gear on my Canon 60D. Just did a professional shoot with my 60D with a JuicedLink 454 on the bottom for audio. I mount my Hoodman Hoodloupe on the swivel LCD. (https://halfmac.wordpress.com/2…/) I am ready to go. I have headphone monitoring, XLR’s and a video style viewfinder for $500. I Then mount a wireless receiver on the hot shoe of the camera if I am doing interviews.

My secret to handheld? IS lenses. Solves most of the rolling shutter problem and gives me a steady shot. Small lightweight kit. If I have to do a lot of handheld I use a very inexpensive shoulder brace that cost less than $100.


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Inexpensive Laptop Plug Travel Adapter

On a recent trip to England a friend forgot his adapter to plug his USA Mac Book power supply into an outlet in the U.K. The solution? He removed the sliding unit with the USA prongs on it and then inserted a standard two hole power connector into the space on the Apple charger. Like the two hole units on many TVs and other electronic units in the USA the U.K. [and many European] power supplies use the same hole configuration, connected at the other end to their particular power plug ins. I can’t say for sure but I think this same idea will work with most camera chargers as well.

THE BENEFIT: The cords are cheap and you get a firm connection into local power, something not always possible with adapters plugged into wall outlets. They can fall out or hang loosely and stop charging.

European Plug fits USA Power Adapter

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Pop Photo Tests the 60D

A review of the camera I am using. Popular Photography has a technical review of the Canon 60D.

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Can glasses free 3D viewing increase consumer appeal for 3D and take up of 3DTV sets.

About 10 percent of the population don’t see 3D including me. I wish 3D would go away like many gimmicks that it is as it did before. The nice thing about not seeing 3D is that I don’t have to spend more money at the Cinema or for other devices that include it including TV’s. The bad part is that some cinemas are only showing movies in 3D so I won’t see them until the 2D version is available. I did not see “Shrek 4” because it was only in 3D, so I went and saw “How to Train Your Dragonwhich was downgraded to 2D because the theatre did not have enough 3D screens. I think I saw the better movie.

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1000fps for free – using Motion Optical Flow instead of Twixtor

This is from our friends a Crumple Pop:

“We were inspired by Oton Bačar’s incredible bmx videos on Vimeo to experiment with retiming 60fps video shot on the Canon 60d. Specifically, we were interested in whether an obscure feature of Apple Motion called “Optical Flow” could achieve results that were comparable with Twixtor.”

“After a lot of experimentation, we came up with a workflow that yields pretty solid results. As is the case with Twixtor, Apple Motion handles some shots beautifully while other shots get turned to ripply mush. Which is better, Motion Optical Flow or Twixtor? It seems to be more or less a draw, with Apple Motion having the distinct advantage that it comes bundled with Apple Final Cut Studio and is therefore free if you already use FCS. Either way, you’ll need to pick and choose the best bits with the smoothest motion and the least mush.”

“For their test, we used a Canon 60d with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8, 59.94fps 1280×720, shutter at 1/1600. It’s important to mount the camera on a tripod, turn off AWB, and pick a scene with a relatively simple background (like…snow).”

“The basic workflow is to 1) Shoot at 59.94fps 2) Bring the footage into Motion and retime to 15%, 3) Export from Motion and conform it to 23.98fps using Cinema Tools. Then bring into FCP and edit.”

Here is a tutorial that shows the nuts and bolts:


Tutorial – Canon 60d 1000fps using Apple Motion instead of Twixtor from CrumplePop on Vimeo.

“Note that I say we shot on a 7d, but it was actually a 60d. Sorry.” And here is the final result:


Canon 60D 1000fps using Apple Motion instead of Twixtor from CrumplePop on Vimeo.

“That’s Jed at CrumplePop on the bike, and also playing the music that’s in the video. Jed engineers most of our effects, so if you have ever had technical problems with one of our products, you should especially enjoy the sight of him hitting the ground.”

“The bike is a Surly 1×1 with Nokian tires.”

I will have to try this with my 60D.

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Kodachrome T-Shirt

Dwaynes Photo in Parson, KS has accepted the last order of Kodachrome processing. They are offering a T-Shirt to “To commemorate the best slide and movie film ever made, show off the Kodachrome colors with this 100% cotton T-shirt.” I ordered one.

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For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas

Here is a article from the NY Times.

I have a lot of Kodachrome slides. In it’s day, it was the best photography offered. They are the only slides that have not faded. Kodachrome is a victim of Digital Photography.

I have known about this for some time. I do have some old rolls of Kodachrome that I did not process. I have not touched film since 2001.

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